Wednesday, May 18, 2011

207 ?

On Monday late evening Maktam help Sarah's admission process. But just before we parted goodbye and rushed to fetch Darwish who had to transit at Taska, Maktam informed that the room is 207. Ayah immediately had a goosebumps. Bukan ke tu bilik Arwah Wan menghembuskan nafas terakhir dulu..??

Yesterday at 7:45am whole FNDCT's clan were already at Al-Islam Specialist Hospital Kg Baru for Sarah blood transfusion. Maktam was also arriving for work and dearest Maktam lead us to 2nd floor and to the room 207. We were heading towards Arwah Wan's room and.....pass by it to the next door. Sarah's room for today was not the same room, it was the next room. Pheww...

But the seconds ayah exited the lift and the path lead to room 206, the room where Arwah Wan breathed her last breath brought back some sad memories of 27th Feb 2011.

Wan, we surely missed you. But the thought of you make us stronger day by day.

Al-fatihah for Wan.

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