Friday, April 15, 2011

Tomorrow's Procedure

Before you read, please be mindful that this article probably is not for the softhearted. I myself need all the bravery to write this entry.

Pro Ramanujam explained to mama and ayah how is the surgery going to take place.

He'll 'cut' Sarah in two area, downward from underneath the rib and one more across the abdomen. Basically Sarah tummy will be split open. Masyaallah.

Ayah and mama redrawn, based on our own understanding, Prof sketches of Sarah's internal organ.

two engineers tried to be a doctor. 
the top right hand drawing is a cross sectional view.

The size of the tumor, 7x8x6cm has not only displaced the kidney, aorta, pancreas, diagphram but also attached to these organ via blood vessel. The cancer cell has metastasis to liver and lymph node (but lymph node was reported clear based on last CT scan).

So tomorrow, the upper portion of the kidney may have to taken out as well. Pancreas will be checked, same goes to the lymph node. Cancer in the liver will be 'plucked' ie to remove the lesions.

The most high risk and critical part is the attachment at the aorta. Prof Raman himself admit that it's highly risky but quickly said that he will be extremely carefull when handling at this area. Based on his analysis of the CT scan's film, there are blood veins to and fro the tumor and aorta. Aorta is the main vessel which carry oxygen to the body. This is why he must be very delicate here. He assure mama and ayah a few times that even though it's high risk but he is confident and has contigency plan (eg. blood reserved is sufficient, what to do with the vain etc). In worst case scenerio he said, he will leave the veins from the tumor. And if this happen that means cancer removal will not be 100% but maybe 98%. He said. And if it does happens, that's where Prof Wan Ariff will assist later, in radiotheraphy.

But, Prof Raman is quite confident that will be successfull in 100% removing the tumor cancer.

Procedure akan start pukul 9 lebih dan akan mengambil masa 4 - 6 jam. Selepas surgeri, Sarah akan diletakkan di High Dependency Unit. Prof cakap sepatutnya ICU, tapi sekarang ni ICU banyak berjangkit memberhaya, so dia letakkan kat HDU je. HDU ni patient akan di monitor sepanjang masa jugak, macam ICU.

Insyaallah semuanya selamat.


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