Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cancer Removal Surgery : Admission

It's admission day.

But before that, early morning....

Than, it's off to UMSC

 It's a trunk full of stuff

Spinning around at the lobby while waiting for ayah who's having trouble finding a parking space.

Finally after 30 min for parking searching and 15 minutes waiting, and after RM10000 cheque taken away we're at the room.

So far Sarah looks ok and comfortable here. But for mama and ayah...hmm.... need to lower down expectation and stop comparing with SDMC

Sarah blood sample was taken (another interesting story here, but I'll reserved it for later or for mama). Later, late evening Sarah was taken for ECG test. 

Prof Wan Ariff also visited and explain his plan for Sarah. He's confident that after surgery Sarah would only need another 2 chemo cycles. Radiotheraphy would only be done if AFP is not very low after that. The strong chemo (Mega theraphy) is not in his plan yet.

What ever your plan doctor, we conquer. You're the expert.

He also said that for chemo normal ward most likely it will be done at 4 bedded, since there are only 2 single bed. We'll deal with that later ok Proff.

Video conferencing with Mina, Awish and ayah nightime. Sarah was sad when it was time to say goodbye.

Mina also cried when saw mother in the laptop.

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