Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ayah menulis

Ayah menulis 'thank you note' dan sharing keadaan Sarah dengan office lama.

Dear All,

I am deeply touched and truly3x gratefull with the contribution from CSO-TSD for Sarah's medical fund. From the deep of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you. Though I know that, thank you is not enough to repay your kindness and generosity.

I would like to share a bit  on my daughter's progress/plan.

Sarah will be admitted to UM Specialist Center this Thursday for monitoring. If her health condition is good, she will undergo surgery to remove the tumor cancer, which has now reduce by 3cm in circumference (before 10x11x9; now 7x8x6) on Saturday 16th April 2011.

Based on last Friday CT scan, her lymph node is now clear from cancer. But her liver is still enlarged (swollen) with lesions, which the doctor suspect is evidence that the cancer is still resides in the liver. However the lesions quantity and size has reduced compared to before.

Her tumor marker (Alphafetoprotein, from blood sample analysis) has dropped from 328,000 to 848 (normal people would have only <8). However doctor actually expected it to be zero by now. So 848 is not so good sign.

Therefore, next Saturday's surgery is a crucial stage for Sarah. Because it will determine how much the cancer can be removed or whether the cancer has actually resides/relapse in other organ. The surgery itself is high risk as blood loss for a child is 3x higher risk compared to adult.

As a father, it is painful inside, imagining my 3 year daughter has to go through all the medical procedure. However, as a Muslim, I accept this as a test or dugaan from God, from Allah SWT. What ever we, as parent, decided for Sarah to go through is part our effort to cure her. The rest we leave it to God, to Allah SWT. Tawakkaltu 'alallah.


Many replied back with advice and admiration.

Thanks guys.

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