Friday, April 8, 2011

Tale of Two : Chapter 1

Tale of Two Medical Professor

Professor Dr Lin @ SDMC
Sarah today received blood transfusion sbb HB rendah.

At the same time Dr Lin explain the result of the chemotheraphy so far, based on blood test dan CT scan semalam.
AFP dropped further to 848 from 1000 plus. Tapi according to his experience sepatutnya dah almost Zero or single digit by now. Probability of the cancer appear or relapse at other area is there. Mama dan ayah macam 'down' sikit dengar sebab it is not as straight forward we expect it to be.
Based on CT scan, liver still swollen.
Tumor size 8x7.5x6. Dulu 10x11x9. Macam tak cukup beza je bagi ayah.

So here's the plan. Sarah will be referred to UMMC Prof Ramanujam today to advice on surgery plan. Subsequently UMMC Prof Wan Ariffin will take care on the chemo from now. Prof Dr Lin expect after surgery and chemo the AFP will drop to low level.
If not, they will have to take stem cell blood from Sarah. Put a very strong chemo, and use the stem cell to recover her. Analogi Dr Lin, macama dalam perang, a bomb is dropped, destroy everything and a new troop is send to rebuild. Scary betul mama dan ayah dengar.
Prof Dr Lin ni baik orangnya. Sarah pun dah suka dengan dia. Tapi kita terpaksa tinggalkan Dr Lin sebab faktor kos.
Nak keluar airmata bila dengar dia cakap "You can come back here anytime you want. We'll be more than happy to take care of her (Sarah)"

Prof Lin referral notes to Prof Ramanujam and Prof Wan
Dr Lin said Prof Ramanjuam already SMS him to confirm our appointment for today and urge us to depart early o avoid traffic jam. 

Bye-bye Dr Lin.

Prof Dr. Ramanujam @ UMMC
Hi Dr. Raman, nice to meet you. Sarah mulanya sombong dengan Dr yang rasanya sama umur dengan Dr Lin ni. Lepas Dr bagi coklat 2 keping terus senyum dan baik bukan main.
Susah nak jumpa Dr Raman ni sebab he's a Paed Surgeon, Medical Professor cum Teaching Professor. So Sarah, mama dan ayah kena tunggu dia habis 1 to 1 teaching dengan student dia. Infact lepas jumpa Sarh Dr sambung lagi kelas dengan student 3 orangnya, denagn menggunakan CT scan Sarah as a case study. Rasa macam tengok 'House, MD' je masa tu.
Dr advice surgery will be done next Saturday ie 16 April. Why? Because it'll two weeks after chemo and the immunity system will be strong again. Sarah kena admitted on 14th April ie 2 hari awal to monitor her condition. Dr Lin kata mungkin lesion kat liver tu cuma effect of chemo.
Dr Raman kata Sarah adalah kes GCT yang ke 18 kat UMMC dan yg ke 6 utk GMT di bhg abdomen. Semuanya 18 orang 'selamat' kecuali sorang meninggal dunia sebab complication during chemo.
Radioterapi mungkin diperlukan.
Masa tengah tunggu nak jumpa Dr Raman

Ayah dan mama tengah serius bincang dengan Dr, Sarah tolong padamkan whiteboard Dr tu. Bagus...

Dr Raman's notes for Sarah' registration.

Ayah rasa takut macam suspen go through this stage. 

Sarah be strong. Ayah akan doakan Sarah dapat kekuatan sepanjang tempoh rawatan,

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