Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update 8/3/2001 : Day 8 at hospital, 3rd Chemo

Sarah dah tak demam.

Mama, no hot, I'm not tired anymore.

So Alhamdulillah cakap hari ni boleh start chemo.

But first...hearing test, As Dr mentioned before after every 2 cycles need to do hearing test. Sarah responded well to the instruction. (Not like Darwish when he took the same test at 4 years old). Sesampai ayah kat hospital Sarah dah habis dengan test tu. Ayah tersangkut dengan report2 Sarah tak blh nak datang awal walaupun hati nak datang awal. Itu pun on the way ke hospital, boos foreigner ayah dah call tanya ayah kat mana dan remind suruh ayah attend meeting pukul 2pm.

Anyway, result of the test was..200Hz - 4000Hz normal at 20db. 600Hz - 8000Hz score 30db to 40db, ie consider borderline or mild hearing loss or impairment. The advice given the dosage of the chemo drugs need to be trimmed down a bit.

But when the started at 4pm plus, the nurse said (upon checking with Dr Lin) no need to worry, they will proceed with the normal dosage. Ayah dan mama tawakal.

Sarah enjoying the McD chicken porridge yang ayah beli, Hari ni mood Sarah cheerfull berbanding semalam.
3rd chemo session started - Sarah sleep on the sofa bed, tired because of watching CD.

Doakan Sarah go through this 3rd chemo session tanpa sebarang masalah.

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