Saturday, March 5, 2011

Antibiotic and antiviral

Starting on Tuesday night, antibiotics was given to Sarah through her hepline:
1) Meronem
2) Amikacin

Since today Doc confirm she had chicken pox she is getting antiviral again through her hepline:
1) Acyclouir *Zovirax*
I gave her oral zovirax on 13 feb-16 feb (roughly), but seems like its only give impact on the severeity

Now 3.15pm....still haven't received the blood....Sarah start to restless again. She want to go home now....but i can't bring her for a home leave ..not taking any more chances sarah u want to eat at hospital or not, be it tapau food or not, up to you...mama not going to bring you home today.

Sorry dear....hopefully when ayah come, her mood lifted.

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