Sunday, February 6, 2011

When Ermina Met Alisya

Ermina d.o.b  : 30.08.2005
Alisya d.o.b   : 29.08.2005
Only 1 day difference.

Yesterday they met, after 4 years. And they ran havoc at Darwish's room. Play as much toys as possible in less than an hour.

When it's time to say goodbye, Alisya, sour faced, almost shed tears, while waving goodbye to the long faced, speechless and sad Ermina. 

Luckily for Ermina, a superhero came to the 'rescue'. Within split seconds, Ermina speechless and sad moment turn into screaming and tearfull. No thanks to the teasing and provoking from...BATMAN!! (a by-product of Ermina and Alisya's 1 hour quest for toys in Darwish's room).

this Batman is 'tough', especially at the tummy area..

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