Friday, February 25, 2011

Mama tension lagi

Dari blog mama...

In point:
1) Struggling with Sarah.
2) My mom kena chicken pox jugak...she's 74! Jangkit from mina for sure. Already quarantine in Klang, at my sister house, duhhh..pity her sangat2 .
3) My mother in law admitted due to food poisoning. She's emmm ok i forgot her age but she's older than my mom and really fragile.
4) I donno if i have taken any chicken pox jab or not...cannot remember. But I memang tak penah kena lagi...mintak dijauhkan...not now please, Ya Allah tolonglah hambamu ini.
5) Some issues at the shop.
Maybe i need to count all the blessing that i have so that my mind will not focus on the 5 items listed above.

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