Saturday, January 29, 2011

Update 29 Jan 2011

Prof Dr Lin said today can go back. But after Sarah received the 200ml blood.

Strangely 'O' blood type was out of stock. They had to order from the blood bank.

Now, the blood is going into Sarah's body via the drip. Insyaallah, it'll finished by 5 0r 6pm.

Insyaallah Sarah will return home tonight.

Preparation at home :
1. Cleaning and mopping - done, albeit not all area covered by maid Ija, esp the small2 area
2. Hand sterilizer - checked - this is for Awish and Mina and visitors before touching Sarah
3. Additional pampers and baby wipes - done, thank you to Mak Andak
4. Place for Sarah to sleep - where not sure yet
5. Visiting hour - not yet determined, mama dan ayah have to enforce this, no choice, untuk kebaikan Sarah dan semua, sorry to pak2 dan mak2 saudara, kawan2 dan etc.
6. No of visitors per day - not yet determined,
7. Surgical mask - not yet, ayah dah tanya Guardian Puchong Jaya, abis stok
8. Sterilizer pill - not purchased yet
what else?

Abang Awish dan Kakak Mina, dah beberapa kali ayah ingatkan, don't touch Sarah with dirty hand; don't step on Sarah mattress, don't play with Sarah if not shower yet, don't make Sarah cry, don't..... , don't....

Ayah dan mama will do anything for you Sarah

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