Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update 26 Jan 2011 @ 7:00pm - Day 6 @ SDMC

Tengah melukis

1st session chemo regime :
Blemycin 7.5mg 1 hour
Etoposide 60mg 1.5hr
Mannitol ~ 3hrs
Cisplatin 60mg 24hrs plus Calcium and Magnesium 48hrs
Potential Side effect (can be immediate, can be after few days) :
1. Appetite loss
2. Hair loss
3. Nausea/vomitting
4. Bone marrow supression
This list is not exaustive.

Alhamdulillah so far Sarah cope quite well with the chemo.

What mama dan ayah worry is she don't want to eat. Even her milk intake also is a bit reducing today. Everytime we offer food her answer is "I don't want!".
In a way mama dan ayah suka bila dengar "I don't want!" Sarah; sebab tu menunjukkan Sarah stubborn, fighting spirit is strong.

Be strong always Sarah. Insyaallah.

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