Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update 25 Jan 2011 - Day 5 @ SDMC

Prof Dr Lin informed that the 1st session chemo will start tomorrow. It'll be BEP or BET and platinum. This is not so strong chemo but the platinum can be harmful to kidney and also hearing.
The 2nd session chemo will be the strong chemo.
And after every 2 session Sarah hearing and kidney will be checked.

Ya Allah, kau berikanlah kekuatan kepada Sarah ya Allah!

Doc also said there is high possibility the germ can relapse (appear again) in the future. And most likely place it will appear is ..the brain. Masyaallah.

Jadi for future refernce, CT scan untuk brain was also done.
Lepas scan sepatutnya hearing test, tapi Sarah tak cooperate sgt so kena buat masa dia tido.
Sarah masuk OT pukul 3 untuk masukkan chemoport. Kat situ masa dia tido, hearing test was done.

Balik ke bilik, nurse start drip termasuk some albumin.

Sarah minum susu, better than semalam. Dan makan ikan goreng, boleh tahan banyak.

Back at home Awish dan Mina are babysit by Makcek & Sufiah.

Ya Allah berikan kekuatan kepada kami sekeluarga menempuh dugaanMu ya Allah!
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