Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tentang Ermina

A few weeks back I heard in HotFM, how a father, who's a safety guard called up the evening show and share how he is in a confuse state. His daughter's school is organising a trip to Cameron Highland. And she wanted to go. But the father do not have the money to pay for the trip. At the same time he did not want to disappoint his daughter. Most of the listener advice him that it is a good time to teach the daughter that they are not wealthy family and also an opportunity to teach her how to save money. So that she earned the trip herself.

Ermina case is somewhat similar to the caller case.

On Friday, she pass me her message book and ask me to sign a form to Fun Camp.

Ermina : "Ayah, can I go to Fun Camp? Can you give money? Can you please sign here"

Ayah : (after looking at the form and asked Mother how much, RM250!!??!) Tomorrow ayah sign ok.

'Tomorrow' is just an excuse hoping that tomorrow Ermina will forget.


The first thing Ermina said to me "Ayah, can you sign the form today?

Ayah : ..............(long pause) ok.

Last year she did not went for the Fun Camp. Because if I let her go, Darwish would definitely wanted to go also. And it would cost RM500++. But Darwish did went for the Fun Camp in his first kindy year. At that time Ermina still a 2 yr old infant.

And Ermina has been hardworking since the start of the new terms. Early this year Ayah and mother rated Mina pace in reading as slower than Darwish. But as though she understands she's been doing her reading revision day and night. Whenever she's not reading she'll find something educational to do.

Besides, Ermina has requested many many things but never got it. New Princess bag, new princess tumbler, new watch, new doll, new dress, new CD, new..... (even though the existing one is still functional).

And she has been a good girl except for the quarrel with Darwish, quarrel with Sarah, 'kay-poh-chi'ing around (especially when it comes to Darwish), demanding this, demanding that, cry unnecessarily......

So this time, this year I think Ermina will get to go to the Fun Camp after all. the way, at the time of reporting, I have yet to sign the form.

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