Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Diagnose

Thursday, doktor kat klinik panel bagitau kalau demam berlarutan sampai lebih seminggu, tapi sebelah malam je, tak mungkin denggi. Kalau denggi tak kira siang atau malam demamnya. So doktor tu punya assumption, maybe, it is a symptom that the cancer cell is multiplying and the body is trying to fight. He advice to go and meet Onco, Prof Lin for a better diagnosis.

Friday, unfortunately, Friday, Prof Lin takde di klinik. Mama dan ayah terpaksa berteka-teki lagi satu malam. Mama dan ayah, diligently than before, follow Ustaz religious treatment method.

Finally today. Prof Lin is in. Sarah was the first patient.

Prof Lin, press Sarah's tummy, neck and few other body area. He said nothing abnormal. He asked Sarah's symptom - 8 days of fever (38-39 degree C, only at night time), cough+running nose, appetite lose for the last 2 days, lethargic etc etc.

His diagnosis conclusion - it's just a fever which need antibiotic medication. He's 100% sure it's not the cancer relapse. 

Tapi mama dan ayah tak puas hati. We want Prof to do more than just press here, press there.

"Ok, if you insist, we'll do AFP test. It's not for me, but for you two. But I can bet you the result will be good"

Thank you doctor.

Sorry Sarah, kena cucuk sikit nak ambik darah.

After waiting more than an hour, the result came out.

The first thing Prof Lin said was "I've told you. She's fine"

Sarah's AFP was 2.1. Alhamdulillah. Well Prof. We just want to be sure.

Only problem, Sarah's WBC was high which is cause by her fever. And Prof Lin gave Sarah antibiotic. And he guarantee mama and ayah that Sarah will be 100% in two days time.

Syukur yang amat. Mama dan ayah yakin, ayat syifa' yang mama dan ayah amalkan berserta amalan2 sampingan for the last few days, Insyaallah telah mendapat restu Allah.

Thank you Allah kerana memberi mama dan ayah peringatan.

It was like a BIG SLAP on mama and ayah's face.

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♥MAMASYAZA♥ said...

syukur alhamdullillah. semoga dipermudahkan segala. insyallah sarah akan sembuh sepenuhnya