Friday, April 2, 2010

Tentang Darwish - 2

** copied from another blog of mine - Sept 2009 **

Remember, in my previous entry, I share with you how special Darwish is? Recap – he has very short attention span, partial (not totally) hearing impairment and due to these he has difficulties (not totally unable) in understanding things. So before this we did not teach him how to puasa. But this year, since he’s already 6 years old and will be in Standard One next year, we give it a shot this year. This entry is about how Darwish ‘succesfully’ puasa.

His puasa is challenging, due to the fact that he did not wake up to have sahur, plus he has 2 sisters who eat (not a lot) but regularly.

If I’m at home, I will ask him early in the morning.
Me: Darwish, today puasa ok.
Darwish : Ok
Me : Puasa, we cannot eat or drink during sun up (daytime la), night time we can eat. When father and mother eat, you can eat, ok?
Darwish : Ok (dengan muka yang bersemangat)

Around 10am
Darwish : Father, can I have bread butter square (bread with peanut butter spread cut into square shape)
Me : Cannot, Awish kan puasa
Darwish : Hmm.. but I’m hungry
The argument continues like that until suddenly Darwish quiet.

For all you know there’s a cat with dark hair and two leg spreading peanut butter on two slice of bread on his own in the kitchen. The cat name is Darwish and he finish the bread.

Darwish then continue puasa.

Around 1pm, Mina is hungry and ask for egg yellow. Wifey then made a scramble egg. Even I was tempted by the smell. Mina sits in front of wifey, who’s feeding her. Out of nowhere come Darwish sits besides her.
Darwish : I want
Wifey : Darwish puasa la, you cannot eat, 7 o’clock only can eat
Darwish : Hhhh… I want to eat, I’m hungry
The argument continues until Darwish cries. No choice wifey feed him the egg to console him.

Darwish then continue puasa.

3pm normally Darwish will watch Ultraman video in Youtube at the home desktop. He did not make any complaint during this time.
When he completes using the desktop, it’s my turn to use the PC and hmm.. what do you know. There was a can of Mister Potato at the side of the computer. I sampled a fingerprint from the can and ran it on CODIS. It’s Darwish’s fingerprint. Yupp.. you guess it, he ate.

Darwish then continue puasa.

It’s 6 something, and since he’s ‘puasa’ he can’t wait for 7 oc’clock. He’ll look at the clock and if the minute (long) arm point to or close to 7 (ie. It’s only around 6:35) he’ll say
Darwish : Ok mother 7 already, now can eat rice with fish.
Wifey : Not yet laa.. not yet seven
The argument continues until wifey cannot tahan and feed Darwish.

That’s a day in Darwish’s puasa.

Ohh.. did I tell you that he demanded for air sirap every now and then?

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