Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Party Day @ Last day of School

18 November 2010. 8.30pm.

Ayah: Dah decide belum esok nak pakai apa?
Mina: .........

19 November 2010. 7.30am. Mama mix-match Mina attire for the party day as picture above. Put on inches of foundation, powder, eye-shadow, blusher and lipstick. Obejctive is to make Mina the prettiest princess of them all. Ask her to carry the party favour in the recycle hamper basket.

11.00am. Dismissal time. Mina walk with a big smile on her face. Mama feel relieved and thought everything goes well as planned.

Still smiling, walk side by side with her bff Washini. However, the sky is not always the car, on our way home, she start her conversation as below:
Mother, Najwa wear a beautiful dress, it is a long dress, she look like a princess, she's so pretty....I want to wear dress too...i want to be a princess...why you ask me to wear this?
I don't want to wear this...i want to wear a beautiful dress!

Mama did not answer.....girls nowdays...pfffftttttttttt!

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